Empowering Your True

Nature and Purpose.

Synergism has but one mission. To help you discover, embody and live your true nature and purpose. That's it!


Our writing, courses and coaching is all designed around that one purpose and once you discover and embody that purpose you will stand back and watch with amazement as your life takes on new meaning, focus and power.

Discover Your Mission

Every person came to this life with a mission. A singular purpose and objective which your soul wants expressed in this life. Your job is to overcome the amnesia of birth and the misdirection of the ego and to live every day oriented by this mission.

--~--    Mike Gardiner

Mike Gardiner.

also nicknamed Mike Mantic online

Mike is an agent of true creative purpose. He helps people find their soul's calling and then through intuitive processes, develop a path to live that calling every day leading to a truly rewarding life.


Mike has studies alchemy, shamanism, altered states of consciousness. He started meditating when he was 14, after a near death experience meaning he's been meditating for 36 years.

He has created many meditations and brainwave recordings, and run meditation classes and workshops exploring human potential and expanded consciousness.

Additionally he ran a bodywork practice for many years doing emotional release healing work and has a unique understanding of the body/mind.


Mike has also written and developed workshops around death. This includes powerful ancient shamanic practices of symbolic death and rebirth, which help people tap into their own true life purpose - and discover the mission their soul had for them when incarnating into this life.


He is also currently working on processes and practices that help you prepare for a conscious death, regardless of whether you are close to death or have many decades in front of you. These practices will connect you with the conscious part of you that extends beyond this life and to shift the locus of your identity from your body /ego / identity to your soul which will radically change the focus and meaning of your life, as well as transforming how you approach death.


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